Male Pattern Baldness- My Story #1

I experience hair loss started when I was in college. I have long hair and like to do hair straightening at the saloon. My girlfriend (now my wife) said that I look good having a straight hair. Usually, after my shower, I would comb my hair so that it get straight back. At one time, I noticed that a lot of hair falls on the floor. At first, I just thought it was because of the hair straightening, but over time, it gets worse. My hair was receding and falling out. And it was going at an extremely fast rate; it was like the hair loss switch was turned on. I was really panic at that time.  I found my hair everywhere; on the pillow, the shower drain, my brush and on the floor. I started worrying and start looking for information on the internet. My hair was receding really fast and that makes me want to try everything to save it.

After a day of research, I found that I have suffered from the male pattern baldness, one type of hair loss that caused by genetics and hormone. My grandfather and father were both bald. I was really sure that I inherited the genes from my father’s side. I tried almost everything from shampoo and vitamins to stop my hair loss and grow it back but it did not work. My girlfriend asked me to get a hair consultant but it cost almost $2000. I was just a college student with no money. 

I even tried reflexology at that time because one of my friend said that anything can be cured with reflexology. I was so desperate at that time and I agreed to try. It was really funny when I think about it. Foot massaging was related to male pattern baldness? But it was really miracle that the reflexology works for me. My hair loss had reduced after a week. I don’t how but it did work for me, ONLY FOR A SHORT TIME. After a month, my hair started to fall out again. I was searching for another natural treatment. So, I tried hair massaging. My girlfriend did this for me every day. The purpose is to unblock the hair follicles and increase blood circulation to the scalp. She massaged my head by using a shampoo and conditioner formulated for thinning hair, and that product was called Nioxin. I was still losing my hair and I started to think what went wrong. I stopped using Nioxin and changed to natural made shampoo. 

to be continued....Male Pattern Baldness- My Story #2

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